Meet the team:  Nikolin Zeraj

Nikolin is a registered Osteopath and a graduate of the University of Staffordshire. His career in the manual therapy and fitness arena began over 17 years ago, initially qualifying as a gym instructor/personal trainer and then as a sports massage therapist. Nik then found Osteopathy and, inspired by its principles and practice, further developed his skills, encompassing a holistic approach to the treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

His patient care philosophy integrates both manual and movement therapeutics and aspires to enhance your health and function. Nik has extensive post-graduate training in rehabilitation and functional training methods for high-level sport to normal daily activities. He understands the importance of assessing, training and conditioning the patient as they move in three-dimensional space, and implementing strategies to achieve long-term health benefits and results.

Nikolin is a member of

  • GOSc since 2011
  • REPs since 2003
  • Institute of Osteopathy since 2011